About Us

Slide We Have Been An Integral Part of Odisha's Daily Life For Decades. Through Print Media, TV News Channels, Radio & Now Through New Age Fiber To Home Technology.
Collectively The Most Experienced Team In Odisha
A Company is nothing but a group of like minded people working towards a common goal, Our core team has decades of broad experience in domains of Technology, Management, Planning and Strategy.
Technology First, Priority Service Approach
Technology drives our company towards our goal of priority & professional services to our end customers, partners and stake holders. All planning and decision making involves around these core fundamentals.
Stacking Trusted Platforms To Prepare For Next Gen Services.
Be It Digital TV, Cable Operators, Print Media or Linear TV Content, we are weaving these platforms together with Next Gen Technologies to provide Next Gen Bundled Services to End Customers.

We Impact Crores Of People Around The World

Below are few of our Group Companies. Wiretel Broadband is owned by EM-Cyberspace Services Pvt. Ltd which is a wholly separate unit from other group companies.


Our Numbers Reflect Our Passion

TV Channel

1.2  Crore
Daily TV Viewers


8  Lakhs
Daily Copy Distributions

TV + Internet

1.6  Lakhs
Daily Active Households

Combined Social Media

55  Lakhs
Active Subscribers